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Dog and cat euthanasia at home services

Pet Goodbyes Services

"It is the most unselfish act in all of life to let one go that

                                     we have found beloved"

                                                       -Kate McGahan

Mobile vet to put your dog down at home
Pet Goodbyes Northern Rivers in home pet euthanasia - me and my dog shadow
Say Goodbye at home after a special day together.

For your pet's final farewell, it is recommended to book in advance, or on occasion, a same day service is possible, depending on availability. Either way, there are a few things you may want to consider:

Who would you like present?

Would you like family or close friends to gather and say their goodbyes, or would you prefer one-on-one private time? Do you want your children present or other pets to witness the procedure? These are all very personal choices.

What will you do with the body once your pet has passed away?

If you choose to bury on your own property, it is best to have the burial site ready prior to the appointment. The site should be around 3ft (1m) deep, away from underground pipes, wires and heavy root systems. Also avoid areas that are prone to flooding, and where other animals may have access to the site.

If home burial is not an option, then you may consider cremation, where Dr Kryssy can help with arrangements and transfer to the crematorium. 

Mobile vet put my cat down at home
Pet Goodbyes Mobile vet for cat euthanasia
Pet Goodbyes Northern Rivers in home pet euthanasia - Pussyhanlon my cat
The Euthanasia Procedure

Dr Kryssy will arrive at your home, introduce herself to you and your pet and explain what to expect during the procedure. A consent form is signed by the owner, giving permission to perform the euthanasia.

An injection is given under the skin on the back of the neck to allow sedation and pain relief. In around 10 to 15 minutes your pet will become very relaxed and sleepy. Then, for dogs, a catheter will be placed into your pet's vein, either on the front or back leg. A final, pain free injection is administered via the catheter and your pet will pass away peacefully within a few minutes. For cats, a catheter is not required for the final injection.

Please allow approximately 1 hour for your Pet Goodbyes visit.

Cat and Dog put to sleep at home mobile vet
Pet Goodbyes at home cat euthanasia

If you choose burial on your own property, Pet Goodbyes will supply a shroud / sheet, or if you prefer, we can wrap your pet in his/her favourite blanket or sheet.

For individual cremations, Dr Kryssy can help arrange transfer to Cedardale Park Pet Crematorium.

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